Today's fundamental expectations for good connectivity and high bandwidth while operating in an indoor environment are well understood. These expectations surface regardless of whether one uses mobile phones, netbooks or iPads.

In today's world however, sufficient connectivity in an indoor environment is rare.

The customer's need for speed and reliability, sets the standards higher for good indoor coverage.

radioDesign by Hermann establishes good indoor radio environments, and works toward good radio environments becoming a natural and valuable part of all new and existing buildings.

Design and consultancy are the company's core competencies. These combined with expert knowledge, creativity, high professionalism and the ability to work across organizations, provides a solid foundation for the company's work.

radioDesign by Hermann is a completely independent and neutral partner and is independent of both equipment vendors and operators. The company's core principle is to preserve and safeguard its credibility as an adviser, and although radioDesign by Hermann is both a design and consultancy company, there will always be a sharp boundary between the two parts.

radioDesign by Hermann believes in good solutions and a genuinely sincere customer cooperation. The company would like to be your preferred partner in the interest of good communication, flexibility, meeting deadlines and is committed to upholding all agreements.



"Over the next decade, many more people

will use the Mobile Internet, and it will produce

an enormous array of innovations

and quality of life benefits"

Going Mobile: Technology and Policy Issues

in the Mobile Internet. IFTI, March 2010