Mobile In-building Solutions

With today's technological advances, the user's needs are changing and so are the requirements for indoor systems.

A passive indoor system, which once was designed to GSM900/voice, is today challenged, if used for 2100/HSPA or 2600/LTE.

radioDesign by Hermann is an expert in the field of passive and active distributed antenna systems, and performs audits of existing systems within the scope of optimizing or upgrading. The audits are accompanied by concrete recommendations for changes or improvements.

radioDesign by Hermann can also assist new projects with:

  • Clarification of needs
  • Definition of projects
  • Preparation of RFQ / RFI
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Follow-up during the implementation phase


By choosing radioDesign by Hermann, mobile operators save resources, time and money and are thus free to concentrate on their core areas.

radioDesign by Hermann offers its customers neutral and impartial expert advice, and is completely independent of suppliers.



"The growth in the market is particularly evident

in high speeds and mobile broadband."

High Speed Committee, January 2010