Coordination of Multi Operator Solutions

Concerning Multi Operator Solutions it is advantageous to have an impartial and neutral technical coordinator, who can work across organizations

radioDesign by Hermann covers this need through:

  • Coordination of cooperation between operators
  • Clarification of needs
  • Definition of project
  • Preparation of RFQ / RFI
  • Evaluation of tenders
  • Follow-up during the implementation phase


By outsourcing the coordination task, the mobile operators are free to concentrate on new projects. In addition, the fact that the individual mobile operator saves resources, time and money, adds yet another beneficial plus for the company.

radioDesign by Hermann knows the Telecom industry and the unique dynamics of a multi operator forum. In addition the company is knowledgeable about the most relevant products in today's market and has a long experience with both large and small, passive and active indoor solutions.

radioDesign by Hermann's core competence is advice - neutral and impartial.


" across organizations..."