The Transparent Radio Infrastructure

A good, reliable indoor mobile connection and high bandwidth requires a good, clean signal. In other words, a good Signal-to-Noise Ratio is vital in today's mobile communication environment.

Several factors negatively affect the Signal-to-Noise Ratio: concrete walls, floors, interference from outside, energy efficient glazing etc.

A poor Signal-to-Noise Ratio interrupts mobile communications and causes wireless data connections to run slower. There is a need for improvement.

The solution is simple and straightforward, implement The Transparent Radio Infrastructure.

The Transparent Radio Infrastructure is a cable and antenna network that supports current and future wireless technologies in mobile and digital communications.

Simply put, The Transparent Radio Infrastructure:

  • adds value to the building
  • raises technical standards of any building to meet today's ever changing wireless needs
  • is simple and economical to implement
  • is flexible in terms of wireless technology
  • ensures sufficient signal levels
  • aesthetically integrates into any building's interior
  • is plug'n'play compatible with all wireless technologies, such as wireless networks, mobile telephones etc.
  • avoids time-consuming and cumbersome retrofits of systems for e.g. mobile telephones for tenants and contractors



"Action to ensure that empty pipes are

established and that space is provided

for modern communications infrastructure

in new constructions and building maturation

should be taken."

High Speed Committee, January 2010